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Cody and Addison Johnson, the compassionate and community-driven force behind CL Roofing & Construction, embody a harmonious fusion of entrepreneurial zeal and unwavering family values. Guided by their steadfast Christian beliefs, they navigate the realms of business management and community service with grace and integrity. Cody, now serving as the assistant high school wrestling coach for Broken Arrow, channels his passion for mentorship into fostering discipline and camaraderie among young athletes. Meanwhile, Addison adeptly balances her business responsibilities with nurturing care for their growing family of three daughters and one son. Together, they've nurtured CL Roofing & Construction into a beacon of reliability, superior craftsmanship, and community involvement. Their inclusive approach extends a warm embrace to clients, making them feel not just like customers, but cherished members of an extended family united by shared values and mutual respect.

4207 W Wichita St unit c, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, USA

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Office: 4207 W Wichita St. Unit C, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

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